November 8, 2011
Public Beta Sign ups Reopened

If you want to be the first to see the new champions and changes in each patch now you can! the public beta signups are opened again!

This allows you to use the test realms and it’s forums to see, test and give feedback on the upcoming balance changes. Also, you can get there some RPs and I suppose you can use them to test those skins you are hesitant to buy.

Original Thread

Greetings Summoners,

With the coming of Season 2, we need your help testing new features that we wish to implement. We are looking for more volunteers for our Public Beta Environment (PBE) to help us look for bugs and to make sure we are providing our community with the most polished product possible. We are reopening sign ups to everyone who wishes to assist us. If you find yourself missing out on these sign ups, do not worry, there will be more chances in the future.

You can find the sign up form here:

The client can be found here:

Important: Once you are properly set up, make sure to visit your regions PBE sub-forums. 

You will be updated with the latest changes to test and can post any bugs you have encountered.




Frequently asked questions:

Am I a good fit for PBE?

PBE is not a place for serious competition or a place to try out new champions. It is a test environment where our players can help report bugs and give us feedback on changes we are implementing before it goes on the regular servers. We are looking for patient players with strong attention to detail to help us out.

Why I am getting an error when trying to sign up?

The error on the sign up page can be due to a few things. The most common reason for the error is the username being taken. Additionally, you must format your birthday in a DD-MM-YYYY format. Make sure all the requirements for the fields are met before you click submit.

I do not have any IP/RP on my account, what should I do?

For players who have just signed up for PBE, it may take up to an hour before you receive a handful of points. We limit the number of IP and RP granted in order to make sure that everyone is testing all parts of the game, including the store. Players will receive stipends of RP and IP by remaining active on PBE.

I found a bug, how do I report it?

First, look at your region’s PBE sub-forum to see if anyone else has reported a similar bug. If so, please try to add to it, including a description of what happened and reproduction steps. If you are unable to find an existing post regarding the bug you have found, please refer to this thread on how to start your own:

Where can I chat with my fellow testers?

Come hang out in Public Chat 1 and share what you found with other players on PBE. Generally, you will find a few Rioters around as well who are happy to receive your feedback, answer your questions, and occasionally play a game with a few people in the channel.

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